Power generation performance of hydrogen-fueled micro thermophotovoltaic reactor

2018 - 01

Journal: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol. 43, pp. 1459-1469, 2018.

Title: Power generation performance of hydrogen-fueled micro thermophotovoltaic reactor

Authors: Yueh-Heng Li*, Jing-Ru Hong

Rank: 20% (16/81), SCI, ELECTROCHEMISTRY, 2016.













I-V curves for various equivalence ratios for the case of ERin=0.3 and ERout=0.4/0.5 with and without a reverse tube.


Abstract: A tubular platinum reactor with a perforated annular array enables fuel/air mixtures to exchange sides, thus sustaining flames and preventing heat loss. Consequently, the combustion efficiency and operational range can be enhanced. A hydrogen/air mixture was introduced into inner and outer chambers at different equivalence ratios and flow velocities to chemically and physically investigate the interplay between the chambers. The benefits of hydrogen include a high gravimetric heating value, flame speed, and diffusion capacity and short chemical reaction time. The coexistence of heterogeneous (surface) and homogeneous (gas) reactions in the micro TPV reactor was examined and elucidated in terms of aerodynamics, mass and heat transfer, and chemical reactivity. Furthermore, a TPV reactor with TPV cell arrays was assembled, and the corresponding radiant efficiency of the emitter and the overall efficiency of the proposed micro TPV system were determined in this study.



  • 李約亨

  • 洪靖茹

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