Performance analysis and economic assessment of solar thermal and heat pump combisystem

2017 - 06

Journal: Solar Engery, vol. 153, pp. 301-316, 2017.

Title: Performance analysis and economic assessment of solar thermal and heat pump combisystem for subtropical and tropical region

Authors:  Yueh-Heng Li*, Wei-Chun Kao

Rank: 23%(21/92), SCI, ENERGY & FUELS, 2016.











                        Shematic of the solar combisystem equipped with sensors.


Abstract: In the present research, combinations of solar collectors and air-source heat pumps for domestic hot water (DHW) are addressed in terms of hydraulic layout and climate conditions. TRaNsient SYstems Simulation (TRNSYS) software was implemented to simulate and examine the heating capacities of various DHW systems. For validating the numerical results, a demonstration site featuring a solar collector and heat pump combisystem with real-time monitoring sensors was established in Tainan, Taiwan. The corresponding parameters of TRNSYS modules were also tested and validated using experimental data. For comparison with the electrical heating water system, three common DHW systems—a conventional solar DHW system, a single-tank solar combisystem, and a dual-tank solar combisystem—were selected, and their technical and economical aspects were assessed. To determine the effect of climate conditions, two metropolitan cities in Taiwan were simulated: Taipei represented subtropical cities and Kaohsiung represented tropical cities. Results for both Taipei and Kaohsiung showed that the dual-tank solar combisystems had the lowest electrical consumption levels and operating costs. The incremental capital costs of the solar combisystems were considered, and realistic payback periods were calculated to determine economic feasibility.



  • 李約亨

  • 高瑋駿

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